Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Style Diary + Shopping + The Boyfriend 3/9/12

I HATE pink, but I called this “Coral” (because coral is so chic this season) and made it work.
Worn shopping in downtown Walnut Creek and for Media Appearances ( Modeling) and for Neiman Marcus’s Opening Event, 3/9/12 :) I hope you enjoy the outfit! 

The Dress Can Be Seen in A Haul Here:

You Can See Details Of The Outfit Here:

Rock An Arm Party, Otherwise Known As Stacked Bracelets! (Paired With Amrita Singh Gold and Blue Bangles, Betsey Johnson Nautical Eagle Charm Bracelet, Pink and Orange Scrunchy Bracelet From Target, Bright Blue and Green Nails (Opi's Thanks A Windmillion and Ski Teal We Drop) and Chanel Cambon Quilted Reporter Bag)  

Pink Cache Dress, Full Body View

Pink Gold Tie Cache Dress, Cambon Reporter Bag, Spring Prada Sunglasses, Arm Party/Stacked Bangles, 160mm Lady Peep Christian Louboutin Pumps, and Goosebumps/Blisters!!! 

Talking to my boyfriend.... "NO SORAB! YOU GET IN THE PHOTO TOO" lol fail face!!!

Betsey Johnson Nautical Anchor, Bow and Bird Hoop Earrings with Bright Springtime Colored Makeup.

California Pizza Kitchen! Half White, Half Mushrooms :)

MY BAABBBYY :) I might be bias but I think he's cute!!! :)