Thursday, February 16, 2012


New York Fashion Week has come to an end. It was fun bringing you all the behind the scenes coverage and all the front row action. Team StyleWorks did such an amazing job backstage. I am so proud of the Team and thank them for all their hard work. Every single show we worked at went on without a glitch !  

Have you seen all our backstage and front row snapshots? We brought you the 


SEE IT HERE: Day 1 to 3 And Day 4 to 8

I had such an incredible time this year at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week , not only Team StyleWorks and myself got the work backstage at so many incredible shows, as part of the Styling and Creative Team, but I also got to attend the shows as a fashion editor-at-large reporting for several fashion publications ( Stay tuned for my coverage of NYFW for EnMode Fashion Magazine, Baila Japan, and Grazia Australia). Being a member of the Press was an outstanding opportunity to see the collection from the eye of an Editor bringing all Fashion and Style to the people. 

New York Fashion Week the meca, the holy grail, and the right to pretend that you’re Carrie Bradshaw.  This year I got to get press credentials, and while supervising my team of stylists working backstage, I got to take cool pics behind-the-scenes and sit in the Front-Rows alongside the relevant bloggers, fashion editors, and celebs. Fashion week may be all glamour for those who are the interviewees and attendees, but for those of us doing the styling or interviewing while trying to look as tall as the models on 5 inch-high Louboutins, it’s only half glamourous. Ask my feet.

To gain access to the backstage entrance at Lincoln Center, all I had to  do was  wave my credentials, either as part of the Styling Team or as a Member of the Press (Gosh, I just love the sound of that)  and walk past the security guards and annoying PR interns (Yes those are the clipboard/Headset parasites as we like to refer to them).  You may also find celebrities schmoozing around the lobby and having their photos taken along with important fashion people such as editors, pr presidents, and stylists, yes the latter is "moi" yours truly. Although many of you may think stylists are there just for fun, in all seriousness we are a key element of the  creative direction of the runway show. As designers display their latest collections on the runway during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, Team STYLEWORKS   is hired to assist and serve the designers in getting their models ready to strut the runway impeccably styled. We handle any last minute alterations, cleaning or hand finishing services needed before showcasing the collection on the runway. 
We deal with all the backstage fashion emergencies, styling crises, and last minute creative modifications before showtime. We style all the  accessories:  from the belts, shoes, hats, stockings, gloves to undergarments. We undertake all the necessary touch-ups on the models before they walk down the runway. We also assist the designers, their clients and VIPS with any styling needs or fashion emergencies before showtime. We even provide on-site tailoring, hand finishing and spot cleaning. We are in charge of the  racks, steamers and accessory tables and clothing displays you see backstage.

This year at MERCEDES-BENZ NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, at Lincoln Center, we took full advantage of the Social Media Frenzy and tweeted all about our NYFW experience. Team StyleWorks brought our followers the  "STYLEWORKS EXPERIENCE" with all the BACKSTAGE and FRONT ROW action.

Team STYLEWORKS and I  worked backstage at the shows Crammed into  tight aisleways, taking on the most challenging task of dressing and styling towering models squeezed together with the make-up artists, while carefully avoiding electrical cables lying strewn across the floor.
When we weren't  backstage, we we sitting in the Front Rows ( and sometimes the 2nd Rows) taking snapshots of our favorites ...I had a blast juggling the supervision of my stylists backstage,  taking snapshots behind-the-scenes, and Front Row,  and taking it all to TWITTER, giving our followers a LIVE COVERAGE of the STYLEWORKS EXPERIENCE SEE IT HERE: Day 1 to 3 And Day 4 to 8. The reward of getting encouraging tweets from you all about how much you liked our work, and getting Re-Tweets from the designers themselves, was so titillating! thank you all for the love and support!

Our NYFW went out with a Bang: we attended my all-time favorite: Proenza Schouler ( stay tuned for my articles about the amazing collection)

And this morning my last NYFW-Themed Tweet was: 
Rise&Grind NYC !  is officially over for ! Im Ready to Purge It Out in a perfect EkaPadaSirsasana  !

And here is what NYFW "The Morning-After" Looks like; A pic of my exhausted self ready to take on a Yoga Class and 451 unread emails.

Yours truly the "Morning-After" NYFW Day 8 
"it's a good thing it does not affect good hair thanks to
Seth Silver who made me look glam with luscious locks all week long.
Thank You Seth!

Hope you guys liked coming with us behind-the-scenes and beyond at NYFW. 
SEE IT HERE: Day 1 to 3 And Day 4 to 8
Thanking my team again for their outstanding work ! We are glad it is over but cannot wait to do it all again. 
Till then, Stay Chic, Stay Fab and Stay Put... xo Ingrid