Friday, December 2, 2011

December Lovin'! ♥

Hey girlies!! Sorry it's been a while again! All i'm going to say is SCHOOL! Just wanted to write a quick blog post- I'TS DECEMBER & that means Christmas is 23 days away! I'm super excited! So much is going on
and i'm literally buzzing with excitement! Even though i'm 15, the excitement of Christmas is beyond my control LOL!
I cannot wait till we have our Christmas break, I will be filming lots of videos, and posting more regularly! Every day if you're lucky! Anyways... I have an exam next week, so I won't be able to blog probably for the whole of next week, so that's why i'm going to take lots of pictures, and post them when i'm free next week!
So.. the weather is getting colder, and colder!? But it still hasn't snowed yet?!  I'm pretty surprised, because I do want it to snow!

This time last year it was snowing like HELL! (not that it snow it hell lol!)
I'm getting all excited to layer up for the winter, and drink hot chocolate, and watch movies indoors! I just want it to snow! I like to go outside in the snow...despite the fact that I do not like SNOWBALL FIGHTS!
Hate bding bombarded by snowballs... it always happens to me though lol!

Who's excited for Christmas and/or the snow?! ( I KNOW I AM!)
I will be blogging this weekend- so FOLLOW FOLLOW!

Much love,