Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Catalin Botezatu was born December 3, 1966 in Alexandria , Romania. He his fashion career in 1984 as a model of Venus fashion housTe led by Zina Dumitrescu. Catalin Botezatu became style director of the Fashion House, “Europe”, in Bucharest. He founded his own fashion house, “Delphi”, in 1996 and aunched many luxurious and exotic collections

In Catalin Botezatu’s presentation he featured his collection with male models with wings while the female models were exquisitely done up to look like elves. The theme of the collection: “Barely-There” swimwear.

In 1996 Catalin Botezatu was indicted for having obtained a credit company Alcrev Impex, where $350,000 (in U.S. dollars) came up missing. In July 2000, the Bucharest Court ruled his conviction three years in prison on charges of fraudulent bankruptcy and use of company loans taken from Bancorex (and a long list of fraud charges). Catalin Botezatu was tried in SANCOS file with the administrator of the company, Alexander Raducan. Also involved in the file; one Danuta Udilă, a known underworld character Bucharest . In December 2002, Catalin Botezatu was acquitted.