Thursday, June 23, 2011

Makeup kit packed into a gun is for stylish Females

Dangerous-women would never carry around something as girlie looking as a purse, but they still want to look their best. To solve this dilemma, Dutch jewelry designer Ted Noten has created this scary looking pistol, but instead-of bullets, this gun packs seven essentials no femme-fatale would want to be without.

Each Seven Necessities Gun is built around the products of a different cosmetics house, so you can have a Dior gun or a Chanel one depending-on your loyalties.
In addition to lip gloss, mascara, and some perfume, the gun also holds a small piece of gold bullion for those quick escapes to Switzerland, and a thumb drive where you can store the contents of your little black book.

It also has a pill -holder where you can put some Viagra for those chance romantic seductions, although adding that without a condom holder would seem to be the only truly dangerous feature of the gun.

Whipping out the gun to touch up your makeup on the New York subway-would be pretty dangerous by itself, although at $11,500 to $17,000 a pop, chance are you'll probably be in a limo rather than on mass-transit.