Thursday, May 26, 2011

'Chanel' Launches New Boy Bag Collection

It takes- a lot of time and dedication for a luxury brand to establish an ‘it’ bag along the lines of a Mulberry Alexa or a Hermès Kelly bag, but when Chanel launches a whole new handbag range, you can be almost certain, they will be instant classics.
The new collection will draw inspiration from an androgynous style based on a hunter’s cartridge that founder Coco Chanel used to wear herself.
“Chanel used men’s underwear to make dresses,” the house’s creative director Karl Lagerfeld explained. “She had this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Boy Capel, the great love of her life.”

The new line will consequently be called Boy, which seems like a clever move considering fashion’s current fascination with gender-bending styles and menswear references in almost all ready-to-wear collections.

On sale in stores from September, the new handbags will be available in a palette of red, grey, and ivory glazed calfskin, with prices ranging from $2500 to $4300...