Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hot Summer 2011 Spring Swimwear Trends

Vacation-- season is to start soon, so if you haven’t still bought the new bikini to shine on the beach yet it’s high time you did it! There are many styles- you can choose from but there are those which are going to be trendy in Spring/ Summer 2011: revealing string bikinis, unusual knitted ones, sexy but charming- vintage swimsuits, etc. Let’s go into details and discuss the Swimwear Trends for-- Summer 2011:

Summer 2011 Swim wear-- Trend #1-- Bandeaus. This bikini comes as a fantastic alternative to ordinary triangle bikinis. Look for bandeaus in new styles, exciting colors and- interesting prints. But beware of wearing these trendy pieces if you have a big-- bust.

Summer 2011 Swimwear Trend #2-- Small prints. Spring/ Summer 2011 fashion season is all about moderateness. Bold prints are not the best while smaller ones are more favorable. Opt for geometric prints, florals, elaborate patterns – everything you like. Another trendy choice can be a large single print at one side or corner of your swimsuit. But take into account the fact if the print is on bra attention will inevitably go to your breast, if you don’t want that try a swimsuit with a print on bottom, which will focus attention on your waist.

Summer 2011 Swimwear Trend #3-- One-Shoulders. This trend has come to swimwear from dresses and brought the same feeling of sexuality and seductiveness. You might not feel very- comfortable swimming in it but it is great for -posing beside the pool or at the seaside. Try either monokini or bikini to understand which style looks best on -you.

Summer 2011 Swimwear Trend #4-- Romantic ruffles. Ruffles rule the fashion world in Spring/ Summer 2011. Tiny or demure, ruffles will look nice at the neckline, down the middle of a one-piece, along the bottom of a tankini top, covering the entire brief bikini top, or tiered with several layers on the bottom.

Summer 2011 Swimwear Trend #5-- Metals and sequins. The list of swimwear trends of Spring/ Summer 2011 won’t be complete without metals and sequins which are used in bikinis- now more- than ever before. You can go- simple with just an O-shaped ring between the triangles of your bikini top or wear the trend to its full strength having the top richly embellished with sequins, studs or tiny creative pieces --of metal.

Summer 2011 Swimwear Trend #6-- String bikinis. These bikinis are the tiniest of all other -swimwear styles, so only the most daring girls go for- these. String bikinis look very sexy and normally -attract plenty of attention- on the beach. If you ready to be devoured string bikini is what you-- need.

Summer 2011 Swimwear Trend #7-- Soft colors. Despite the fact we have seen many -swimsuits in vibrant colors those in soft hues are definitely prevalent. Light green and blue, delicate rosy -and violet, white and beige these colors are to be trendy- this season. And they do have the visual advantage: attention is accentuated on the body rather than the- swimsuit itself.

Summer 2011 Swimwear Trend #8-- Vintage. Fashion changes every season, but vintage always remains popular because it exudes sexiness without- revealing too much. This style is perfect for women who are shy to show- off their bodies but want to look tempting. Subdued colors, cute prints, low cuts, ruffles all these will be very hot in --2011.

Summer 2011 Swimwear Trend #9-- Knitted swimwear. Knitted swimwear pieces are again in vogue. They are presented in few collections but look so beautiful that people tend to choose them pretty often. You can go for a bright piece to have all eyes on the beach on you or opt for more modest items.