Thursday, November 18, 2010

Favourite Christmas Movies

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house lately, and when this happens I get in the mood to eat gingerbread cookies, cuddle up with a warm throw on the couch, sip some hot cocoa and watch my favourite Christmas films.

I was raised by a single mother and because of this I was always very close to my grandparents growing up, in fact we all used to live under the same roof when I was a kid. I look to my grandparents as second parents, especially my grandfather who instilled in me a love of old films. So it's no surprise that some of my favourite Christmas movies are classics.

#1: Has to be for me, Meet me in St. Louis...the musical numbers, the fabulous Judy Garland, the story, the family bonding, the love story, the location!! I love it all.

#2: It's a Wonderful Life... the lessons learned, the talented acting of James Stewart and Donna Reed, the beautiful story of family, this movie always makes me cry!

So my question is what are some of your favourite holiday films?

Oh and I almost forgot...head over to Kerry's great blog First Time Fancy where I am guest blogging today, to see what my "perfectly imperfect" kitchen looks like!