Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Costume: Vintage Pin up

So remember when I said I was going as a black swan ballerina this year for Halloween...well I changed my mind. Yup that's my indecisive self again! Anyway I decided I would go as one of my favourite things ever!!! a vintage pin up girl. I love old pin ups. I am really nostalgic and I love the 40's, 50's and 60's including clothing and even music. I became interested in pin ups when Vanity Fair magazine started putting out their "Vanities" photo spreads featuring big hollywood starlets dressed as vintage pin ups; I even started a group on Facebook called PIN UP GIRLS when I first joined back in the day and the group now has over 3900 members! So I guess I am not alone in my love of pin ups!

So I've been researching costumes, makeup and even hairdo's from that era. I have this cute polka dot romper, a flower pin for my hair, a white belt, some cute nude coloured pumps and I just need some red nail polish and a set of false lashes to top it all off. I Can't wait for the weekend when I will be all done up, but until then here is a little sneak peek at my costume...I will be sure to post pics of me in full costume and makeup next week.

pin up girl hair

a little rouge

the inspiration: hopefully I can look like this by Saturday