Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Diy chai latte

The weather has changed, it's been getting cold out and crisp fall days like these make me crave hot warming beverages. I have to say, in my University days I was a Starbucks junkie. I had long breaks between classes and to stay awake I thought hits of java were a necessity. But those days are long gone, I can't justify spending $5 on a coffee, especially now that I am a home owner.

I have one problem though, as much as Tim Horton's is okay for tea and hot chocolate, they have yet to master the latte! And did I mention that chai latte's are my favourite warm drink. So I have to admit I have been going to Starbucks again for my yummy chai latte's.

But I've noticed my wallet is emptying what did I do you ask? I googled... that's right, I googled how to make your own chai latte at home. I got a lot of search results and basically took a few tips from each site and made my own recipe. Keep in mind this is a lot easier to make if you have a pricey fancy cappuccino/espresso maker, but as I don't here is my DIY version.

I did have to go out and get a few things, but the cost of all my supplies totalled no where near the cost of a fancy espresso machine.

Here's what you will need:

-three tbsp chai tea (loose leafs)
-coffe and tea presser
-milk frother
-4 oz milk any kind works ( I went with lactose free) but soy milk also adds a nice almondy flavour, also increase milk amount if you want to make more then just one cup.
- 1 tsp sugar (add more if you lilke it sweet)
-kettle (to boil your water)

Step 1: pour three tbsp of loose chai leaves into tea presser and add hot water from your kettle (not boiling, let it stand a while) to the presser. Let the tea steep for 10 minutes with the press lever in the top position. After 10 minutes press the lever down ( this action separates the loose tea from the liquid) and put mixture

Step 2: pour your 4 ounces of milk into a microwave safe glass/container, preferably a tall glass as the milk will double in size after you froth it. Make sure your milk is cold, it froths easier this way, and froth for a few seconds to a minute. Then pop it into the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Once the milk is warmed add your
sugar and stir.

Step 3: pour your warmed frothed milk into a mug then add in your steeped chai tea mixture. Stir together to incorporate the milk and the chai tea. Top with some cinnamon. Let cool if needed and sip and enjoy your very own chai latte! I made some extra chai tea mixture that I will put in the fridge and reheat and take to work tomorrow (in my portable cup), I will just need to froth up a new batch of milk. The chai tea mixture will last about 2 days in the fridge.

Step 4: smile knowing you just saved yourself $5... and possibly a lot more, now that you won't have to hit up a Starbucks everyday ;)

(supplies: tea presser, milk frother, chai tea purchased at HomeSense)