Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Garbage Bag Table Runner

My last month's Style at Home magazine featured the home of television personality Karen Bertelsen and I love her place! I especially love that she has a mix of high and low pieces in her home all the way from antique artwork to dollar store finds, which brings me to todays post.

Karen is an avid dollar store junkie, she frequents them a lot and she came up with a brilliant idea to re-purpose a garbage bag from the Dollarama into a table runner. Let me just say that you will be amazed with how awesome it turned out, so much so that it had me planning my next outing to my friendly neighbourhood dollar store tomorrow!

the before

and the after

Great results right! you can find the complete tutorial here

Do you like those 3 beveled glass mirror boxes she has on the table? Yup me too, well she made those as well, check out the tutorial here

I love her entire dining room, for plenty more dollar store finds and amazing commentary and banter head over to Karen's own blog called The Art of Doing Stuff, word to the wise make sure you have a few hours to browse her blog, you won't want to me!