Thursday, March 25, 2010

Table= new bench?

I have had this old antique table that my grandmother gave me for quite some time. I have been looking at it, wondering what it could become.You see, it has met its days, especially because it has lived outside both at my grandmothers and here with me for the past little while. It has been painted and repainted before by grandma's loving hand...but I can't bear to leave it outside for another day, not when it's just so pretty! I mean look at those curves, those legs! Where can you get detail like that these days?

So I am going to do the impossible and bring it back from the dead and take it from a table to a bench...I will be Dr.Frankenstein!! bwaahaaahaa! Sorry about that...

Here is what I have planned. Clean it up and then paint it out white. Add foam and batting to the top and reupholster the top with some fabrics I've been sourcing, and finally bring it inside where it belongs.

So my lovely readers I need your help, I've picked out some fabric samples and would love your opinions, which fabric do you love, and what suits my neutral decor best?