Friday, March 5, 2010

Celebrity Blonde Short Hairstyles For Women

short hairstyles work great for a wide variety of women, since a hairstyle with bangs can actually change the shape of someone’s face, draw more attention to their eyes, or even make an individual look more groomed by keeping their hair off of their face.
2009 short blonde hairstyles For Women
Talk to your stylist before you commit to any haircolor application. You’ll need to not only consider the base color of your hair, but also your skin tone as well. If you are a “gold” color type (or an Autumn or Summer) having black as an under-color could result in leaving you looking washed out and pallid or gaunt. The black might work if you are a “silver” color type (Winter or Spring) but it will still depend on your skin tone whether black will suit you.
celebrity blonde short hairstyles For Women 2009