Sunday, February 28, 2010

Highlights of the Home Show

This was my first year ever going to the annual Home Show. I always see it advertised in my Style at Home magazine every year around this time. I always say to myself that I am going to go and I never do for one reason or another. This year however my dear friend Miranda had some extra tickets and invited me. I was pretty excited to go, thinking I would meet all the great HGTV personalities...and hoping to get a glimpse of Sarah Richardson!

Alas I have to say that I was pretty disappointed that not only did I not meet my favourite Canadian designers but that a lot of the show was well just that... a show! Product demonstrators, lots of paper pamphlets, giveaways, no free stuff, at least not for me!

I did see a few pieces of furniture and home decor products that I liked, but for all the hype it wasn't all that great. I don't know maybe it was just me?

On a side note, I angered a vendor when I took a picture of some of his vintage stamps, apparently I was committing "copyright infringement"  but I didn't see a sign that said no taking I hope you enjoy them! LOL

p.s. I did get a glimpse of Glen Peloso from Restaurant Makeover fame, so that was kind of nice.

What about you guys have you ever been to the Home Show here in Toronto? What about in your own home towns, any good design shows?

large bath shaped like a spoon

I love claw foot baths
Glen Peloso chatting with fans

so the bling
Large industrial floor lamp, would look great in a loft space

nesting tables

cute soap bars
fish bowl

neat prints
the "infamous" stamps