Monday, February 8, 2010

Balisi Interview Part 3

LIZ: Any new product lines or trend directions that Balisi is taking next?

DALE: Going into spring summer collection, we will see more bold colours, a lot of details.

LIZ: What type of shopping experience does Balisi try to create for its customers?

DALE: Balisi prides itself on something called elite customer service. What that means is that normally when a customer walks through the door they are greeted with hello, and they browse around. If a customer is coming into the store or going shopping typically they are out for a specific reason, so we try our best to find out that reason. Are they going to a party? Our job is to walk the customer through the store and show them the different merchandise available to create that style. Knowing what an event is all about, we can help create a look for a customer. We go as far as researching places in the neighbourhood for hair and makeup that we can recommend to go with their new outfits.

LIZ: Given that today the general public is a lot more environmentally aware, how important do you think it is to stock eco friendly products?

DALE: We stock quite a few varieties that are eco friendly. El Naturalista is a brand out of Spain that uses natural rubbers, vegetable tanned leathers, organic dyes, and they actually manufacture them in a solar powered plant in Spain. The boxes they come in are also biodegradable. The goal is an eco conscience design. Another brand is Terra Plana, they use recycled seat belts, and recycled plastic bags for a new age twist on the recycled products. We even carry vegan leather bags.

LIZ: Balisi has gained notoriety among Toronto’s established and up and coming young stars and musicians, what is the most interesting part about collaborating with them to create their image and to promote your brand?

DALE: Musicians have to be a little bit more outside of the box, so we have to be on top of the style trends to make sure that our clients are as well. We don’t specifically cater to just celebrities, we keep all of our customers in mind, celebrities (not all of them) come and go, but a client stays.

LIZ: If you could describe Balisi in three words what would they be?

DALE: High fashion- in- one stop.

I found it interesting that Balisi doesn’t hire regular sales associates, here’s what Dale had to say: We don’t hire sales associates we hire stylists who will work with the client to cater a look just for them. You can find sales associates anywhere, at Balisi our stylists don’t get commission we all work based on a love for the art.