Monday, December 7, 2009

White feather wreath

Most of us probably have plenty of old holiday decor that we no longer use. For me I moved to a new house, and when I did my decor changed, so a lot of my old holiday decorations no longer match my new decor scheme. I know we've all experienced this, whether we love green and red one year or aqua and ice blue the next, it can get pretty expensive keeping up with our changing moods and decor choices!

So it was in this moment of reflection that I was inspired to use some of my old seasonal holiday decor and recreate it. Why on earth would I want to spend more $$$.

Here is the before wreath gifted to me by my mother, it was from Halloween/Thanksgiving...I hope my mother won't read this! LOL

And as most of you know, I recently made feather ornament balls, so I had plenty of feathers left over...the result is a whimsical white feather wreath. I have seen ones this size retail for over $30. I am pretty proud of myself right now :)

the before

the after