Monday, December 7, 2009

Kitchen island

So I was all happy and ready to begin making the kicthen island for my kitchen, I posted about it, got great feedback that I could attempt to make one myself and I was on my merry way.

I got to the Home Depot and went looking for the legs of the island, the ones I wanted were great, a little tall, but I was sure they could be cut down. Price tag $55 each leg! WTF! I thought by making my own island I was supposed to be saving $$$. So if you do the math that's $248 just for the legs, never mind the other materials like the wood and the table top. So I am afraid that this little project got axed.

Then G and I  (my man) went to Ikea for some fun, I hadn't been in a while and I came across the Utby island. I remember having had bookmarked it in my pictures folder a while back, just in case I could not find my ideal I just decided to try it, what's the worst that could happen, I hate it and I return it. BTW a little known fact, I am notorious in my household for buying and trying things out like, carpets, blinds, etc, and then either returning or exchanging them until I find exactly what I want. G on the other hand thinks over all of his purchases, unlike G I am an impulse buyer! terrible for the pocket book, but I just feel like if I find something I love, I will make it work! ok I digress...

So I tried it, the utby table that is, and I loved it, it gives me way more room in the kitchen, and it doubles as extra counter space.

Now the issue was chairs, I really didn't like any at Ikea, and the ones I did like in general cost about $299 a chair, I couldn't in my right mind spend that much with Christmas just around the corner! so on a trip to Walmart the same day, to pick up household supplies, I came across some counter height stools, I hated hated hated the existing fabric on them, they were a taupe micro fibre, but I knew I had just the right fabric at home, so swipe and sold!

Without further adieu... here they are:

I will be buying 2 more stools without backs in a brown black wood colour so I can tuck them away under the island and have a better eye line. The backless stools will go on the right side and these will go on the left. I may also get backless stools that have a cushion which I was thinking of doing in a solid fabric...we'll see.

Next post: how I made my chalkboard frames...stay tuned.