Tuesday, September 8, 2009


To show my appreciation for all of the lovely comments and all of my fellow bloggers who take the time to visit WALLPAPER, I wanted to do my first annual giveaway.

Here it is a lovely "pepper pot" large photo album. It holds 200 photos, has acid-free pages and space for captions.

It's simple... first in order to enter you must be a "follower" of this blog, you can do so by finding the follow button on the left side of your screen, second as a way to get to know my readers better, tell me a little bit of what you did this summer in the comments section below. The contest closes on Tuesday September 15th, at 10 pm EST. A lot of blog friends have used random.org to select their giveaway winners and this method seems to work well, so I will do the same here. The winner will be announced next Wednesday. Good Luck to you all !

the inside pages

The back cover

A detail shot

Front cover