Friday, July 10, 2009

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No-one knows magazines quite like mag nation, who tout themselves as the world's first and only magazine superstore. mag nation are the experts of the magazine world, stocking all kinds of publications from the mainstream, to the niche, to the downright obscure. And while our fashion pictures section is always packed with the latest editorials, photoshoots, and ad campaigns, we here at still believe that there are things worth buying in print. This is the challenge of the print magazine world; not merely to survive, but to push the boundaries enough to stay relevant in an internet-dominated world, where the latest fashion trends are at your fingertips faster than you can say 'Anna Wintour', and the latest show coverage is accessible as it happens.

So which magazines are taking up the challenge, and producing content that is so comprehensive you want to feel it in pages; or editorials so outstanding they're worthy of sitting on your coffee table for the next six months? To help us help you distinguish the best of the best in print magazines, we've enlisted the aid of mag nation to give us a monthly run-down of the world's must-have mags.

So without further ado, here's a brief introduction to four of mag nation's recommended reads for the month.

Self Service

Released biannually, this stylish French fashion publication is an avant garde palette for all things creative, from photography to fashion styling. Each copy is beautifully hardbound, with almost 400 pages of content printed on gorgeous, thick, glossy stock. This is one magazine that simply never fails to disappoint.

Vogue Paris

The Jewel in the Vogue crown needs no introduction. Under the curation of the indomitable Carine Roitfeld, this iconoclastic publication continues to be at the forefront of today's fashion. An essential read for industry insiders and aspiring fashionitas alike, French Vogue is The Fashion Bible.


Offering a unique blend of exclusive runway images, alluring editorials, designer profiles, sublime beauty trend information and dedicated coverage of the Australian fashion scene, FASHIONTREND Australia is 'The Essential Fashion Quarterly.'


T-world is a bi-annual independent Australian publication recognised internationally and selling in over 30 countries. Produced by Eddie Zammit and Luke Fraser, the journal has a cult following of fashion, design and T-shirt enthusiasts. T-world documents the phenomenon of T-shirts by showcasing stories and images from local and global brands.

Written: 24th June 2009 at 14.51