Thursday, July 16, 2009

Globe-Trotter: refined luggage 2009

Whenever I travel this globe there's one mistake I always make: I buy too much. Luggage. That's right, all those times I've back my bag to within grams of getting kicked off a flight (my personal record is 42kg over the permitted weight allowance) have always been preceded by the purchasing of new luggage. I simply can't help it. Each and every time I travel overseas new luggage must accompany me. To date, that itch has largely been scratched by Samsonite. Next time, I suspect that it's the British luxury brand Globe-Trotter whom shall be accompanying me.

Globe-Trotter Luggage

Travel, you see, is a lost art. And while I can't promise that you'll turn left instead of right the next time you fly long haul, I can assure you that a luxury piece of luggage can make all the difference. And that's why Globe-Trotter, with all its old-world, Brit prep appeal, shall receive my custom.

Take the above pieces of as the perfect example of why. From a collection known as 'The 1897', that being the year in which Globe-Trotter was established, the lining is a print from the company's own archive. If you're after something a bit bolder you can always turn to their 'Surf Rider' collection (below) or for something utterly classic (and 100% me) you could instead turn to their collaboration with J. Crew (bottom).

Globe-Trotter Luggage

Globe-Trotter Luggage

Pictures courtesy of Selectism.